About Us

Family Legal Care's mission is to increase access to justice in New York State Family Courts. We combine legal guidance, easy-to-access technology, and compassionate support to help unrepresented parents and caregivers self-advocate on critical family law issues, while working on reform that improves the system for everyone.

For over 25 years, Family Legal Care has fulfilled that mission by providing family court-based assistance to pro se litigants, information through our legal helplines and through community-based outreach and support.

Family Legal Care's Pro Bono Program is an innovative initiative to provide Family Court and family law information and advice to self-represented litigants outside of the court house and into communities throughout New York State. The Pro Bono Program is a partnership between Family Legal Care and Pro Bono Net through which technology will transform how and when legal assistance reaches those in need. Family Legal Care will facilitate video conferencing and document sharing through which we can offer our in-depth services focusing on child support, custody, and visitation cases. Through Family Legal Care's Pro Bono Program, self-represented litigants will meet online with a volunteer attorney and obtain legal advice, along with all of the other types of guidance an in-person appointment would provide. Volunteer lawyers can provide services from their offices or other locations at times that are flexible or convenient for their schedule.

The goal of the program is to provide quality pro bono services to self-represented litigants who are proceeding without counsel through a complex and emotionally charged Family Court and family law process. By leveraging remote assistance technology and collaboration tools, Family Legal Care's Pro Bono Program connects experienced attorneys with pro se litigants to increase access to justice for families.